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A few months ago Patene released a new line of products that would be specifically targeted toward black women called Gold Series. For decades black women have not been properly represented or acknowledged in various major beauty and hair products so this has been a huge stepping stone for the demographic. The company released a commercial featuring numerous black women with different types of hairstyles and textures promoting the product with the slogan Celebrating Strong, Beautiful African American Hair.

We are proudly born. With hair that grows strong as a storm and doesn’t conform to a beauty norm, that isn’t our own. So many wrong things are said about it how grows from our head. But to think that beauty is only sleek or wavy, is crazy. Because whether we choose to wear it relaxed or natural, every strand is a testimony to our history, that makes us stronger. And strong, is beautiful.

The line consists of multiple products including a Leave-On Detangling Milk, a Hydrating Butter Creme, and a Curl Defining Pudding. Give the products a try and tell us what you think!


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