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UPDATE: Irma has officially made landfall and is passing through the islands of Barbuda & Saint Martin. It has officially been deemed as the strongest hurricane to ever hit the Atlantic region.

Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands have been urged to brace for impact, as the hurricane center confirmed it is heading west north-west at 16 mph, closing in on Virgin Islands.

The monstrous storm has already done critical damage to the affected areas including ripping off rooftops, cutting out electricity, and severe water damage

Remarkably, no deaths have been reported as of yet due to the storm, although the worst is yet to come. Specialist say the eye of the hurricane will brush across the northern part of US Virgin Islands and near northern Puerto Rico . The National Weather Service stated the last hurricane this huge to slam into Puerto Rico was in 1928 in Guadalupe, Puerto Rico. Which slaughtered over 2,700 people. Though the impacts of Irma on US states is still to be determined, The mega hurricane still has a chance of hitting the southern part of Florida, evacuation and sheltering processes are being prepared. Stay safe everyone ! Keep the Caribbean islands and Florida in your prayers!