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The 29-year old free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick has remained virtually silent since his kneeling protest against police brutality has become a nation-wide movement. According The The New York Post, Kaepernick may be breaking that silence soon, as he has reportedly signed a 1 Million $ book deal with Random Houses’s One World Imprint.

Speculation of a Tell-All book regarding the national anthem kneeling in protest of police brutality that the former NFL l started in 2016 has surfaced, with NYP confirming Kaepernick was seen “taking meetings with publishers in the New York offices of WME” .

In recent months , NFL players across the nation have followed in suit to Kaepernick’s protest despite him no longer being in the NFL. President Trump’s nasty comments about the players, calling them “Sons Of B**tches” encouraged even more players to participate in the protest.

If Kaepernick is indeed intending to release a book regarding this movement, we will most likely be getting his full commentary on the matter, both on the protest and being blackballed by the NFL. Stay tuned for more details !