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Last Week, Brit native Ed Sheeran relaunched his hit song “Perfect“, which was sitting stagnant at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Only this time singing the song as a duet with a very big superstar.

Bzz Bzz, that’s right! Queen Bey herself was a new addition to the track, and she can be heard belting out the second verse along with the chorus, ending with a beautiful harmonious duet with Knowles and Sheeran .

The song surprise dropped in typical Beyoncé fashion Thursday night on streaming services, being available to download on iTunes shortly after. The song rose rapidly on the iTunes chart, claiming the top spot only within a few hours.

Simultaneously, the song is also in the top 10 on major streaming platforms like Spotify(#6) and Apple Music(#9) . Chart predictors stated that the song is expected to reach #1 with a 110k debut in pure sales alone . This will be combined with the original song which is expected to sell about 45k in pure sales, making a 160k sales week, in addition to streaming units.

If the song goes #1 as projected , it will be Beyoncé’s 10th #1 to add her lengthy 20-year career accolades.

Haven’t heard it? Check it out below !

Beautiful isn’t it ? Fun fact ! In an recent interview, Ed Sheeran stated that it was Beyoncé’s idea to remove many of the instruments that was on the original and make it more of an acoustic track. Beyoncé also added new harmonies and musical arrangements to the track, making her a vital composer to the relaunched track ! Big props to Queen Bey

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